Jungle Stripes Slots

We usually hear all about Real Time Gaming as being the web's foremost online casino games-maker – but BetSoft is a mighty creator in its own right. In fact, it is quickly gaining a name for itself as one of the best that cyberspace has to offer, and is releasing some scintillating new games for your slots-loving pleasure. The topic today is the 5 reel, 10 payline creation known as Jungle Stripes Slots, which whisks you away to the depths of the lush forest where animals reign supreme and form the symbols on the reels, along with other fauna and flora.

Flash play for virtual coins is available without you having to download; however, you miss out on the chance to win up to 500x, with the variable x denoting your wager of between $0.10 and $100. In addition to this, the bonus symbols can help you unlock special features such as the Moonglow Free Spins attribute and the adjacent Jungle King Wilds attribute. Here, the Lord of All Creatures is the tiger – not the lion; the latter doesn't even reside in the jungle at all!

One aspect of video slots that is always important is the Return to Player, or RTP value. In Jungle Stripes Slots, it just so happens to be startlingly high at well over 97%. The Hit Frequency is also an adequate 30%, which means you can expect to win quite a lot – every third spin, to be more mathematical. The prize range varies, of course, but the more lines you keep active, the better your chances. Although we'll get into the specifics of the symbols later, the basics are here: you will find flowers, shining leaves, scatters, wilds, toadstools, poker suits, tigers and claws represented on the reels.

Jungle Stripes Bonuses and Benefits

In any pokey, the bonus rounds are where the money is one if you get lucky. In this game, the Siberian tiger functions as a substitute symbol and it can only show up on the middle reels. To your benefit, the Siberian tiger can be triggered on any random spin in a normal round of play; when it does appear, it will replace all icons that are adjacent to it on both the left and the right sides and help complete and form a winning combination of symbols based on the pay table. It is an expanding wild, to boot. Furthermore, the Siberian tiger substitute symbol unlocks the Jungle King While Bonus Feature and automatically grants the player a respin for even more wins. Depending on how many Siberian tiger Wilds you land, you can garner up to three such respins.

Another special bonus attributes is the Moonglow Free Spins Feature. If you can trigger this one – which depends entirely on the manifestation of at least three of a kind of the Moonglow Scatter symbols on the reels – then you automatically lock into 10 free spins no matter where the scatter show up on the game board. As is often the case with these high-value Slots, the scatter symbols pay in both the left to right reading direction, and the right to left direction. The one thing this magnificent game lacks is the lack of free spins re-triggers – but that's hardly a complaint, given the sheer plenitude of free spins that are symbol and straightforward to activate.

Special Features Summary

As mentioned before,The Siberian tiger functions as the Jungle Stripes Slots substitute icon and it can appear on the second, third, and fourth reels to help complete winning combinations. When it does show up on the aforementioned reels, it will spread its wings and expand to consume the entire real. After this, the game calculates your wins and then automatically triggers a respin of the reels after locking the Siberian tiger wild into its new expanded place. Keep in mind that the substitute symbol is capable of replacing any other symbol in the game except for the Moonglow scatter symbol – the latter has its own spate of prizes to deliver to the lucky real money gamer.

The bright, vibrantly indigo-colored Moonglow scatter symbol is the one that you need to get you to the free spins around. The minimum number required is three of a kind of the Moonglow symbol, after which you get large gold letters entitled "Free Spins". These three scatter symbols were get you 10 free spins, which can be re-triggered during this particular bonus mode. The Moonglow icon shows up only on the second, third and fourth reels.

Jungle Stripes Icon Paytable Values

Finally, we get to the most lucrative portion of the Jungle. The highest paying icon in the game is the Vibrant Purple Lotus Flower. If you managed to land five of a kind of this blazing indigo emblem on the game board simultaneously, then you win an unconventional 37.50 game credits. If you managed to land four of a kind of the Vibrant Purple Lotus Flower symbol you win 15.00 game credits, and if you managed to land three of a kind of the Vibrant Purple Lotus Flower symbol your prize is a 3.75 game credit payout. The next high-paying symbol is the Glowing Gold Mushroom symbol which happens to be growing from a crop of crystals exuding a gorgeous combination of Rose word, bubblegum and taffy – with a pinch of rouge. It is one of the flat out prettiest shades of hot pink we've ever seen while writing this review. Five of a kind of the Glowing Gold Mushroom symbol grants you a payout of 18.75 game credits; four of a kind of the Glowing Gold Mushroom symbol get you a 7.50 game credit reward, and three of the gorgeous Glowing Gold Mushroom icons are worth 2.25 game credits.

In the next row of paying symbols we start off with a row of Three Sharp Claws; for five of a kind of the Three Sharp Talons you win a payout that is a considerable drop-off from the previous at 7.50 game credits. If instead four of a kind of the Three Sharp Talent symbols appear you win 3.00 game credits, and three of a kind of the role of Three Sharp Talons get you a 1.05 game credit reward. Similarly – actually, identically – the next symbol is a Green Leaf with Ladybug; five of a kind of this net you a 7.50 game credit payout. Four of a kind of the Green Leaf with Ladybug symbol get you 3.00 game credits, and three of a kind of the Green Leaf with Ladybug symbol is worth 1.05 game credits.

The final row of symbols should not be in any way surprising – the poker card suits make an appearance once again. Here, we only see the first three of them, starting out with the Ace. Five of a kind of the Ace symbol is worth a 2.25 game credit payout reward. Four of a kind of the poker card suits Ace get you 1.20 game credits, and three Ace symbols are worth 0.45 game credits. Next we have the King symbol; five King poker card suits are worth 2.25 game credits, four King poker card suits get you 1.20 game credits, and three of a kind of the King suits are worth 0.45 game credits. The final poker card suits is the Queen, and she is worth the same as the previous 2:5 Coins equals 2.25 game credits, for Queens get you 1.20 game credits, and three Queens are worth 0.45 game credits. Well there's nothing left to say about this BetSoft creation, other than the fact that you should seriously consider downloading the casino software to access all of the goodies.