Banking at 7Spins Casino is a very straightforward affair. To facilitate newcomers, 7 Spins accepts the most popular forms of deposit and allows the most common withdrawal offers for online casino gamers. If you’re using Visa, the lowest amount you can deposit is $10 and the the processing time span is zero - it goes through right away so you can start playing for real cash. MasterCard is accepted, too, as well as American Express and Maestro. A bonafide form of deposit that’s gaining steam in the markets is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. There’s no fee to use this, and the processing time is also instant. Furthermore, you can win something extra in the promotions section simply as a result of using Bitcoin as currency. As for withdrawal methods, bank transfer will cost you $23 and has a minimum withdrawal requirement of $500 - so you must have at least this much in your 7 Spins Casino account before you can cash out. It takes about a business five days to process your withdrawal request using this method. If, instead, you opt for a check, it will cost you $20 and take up to a business week to process. The minimum amount you can extract is $300. Lastly, there’s the eCheck method, which has a minimum extraction amount of $100 and takes between three and five days to process the withdrawal request. The fee for the electronic check varies; if you have less than $1000 in your casino account, then the cost to take it out is $10. If you have more than that, then 20 is the fee. The final conditions for withdrawal are dependent of what level of a VIP member of 7 Spins Casino you are. The levels are Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and the Master Level. At the lowest tier of Basic, you can withdraw $500 max per week. Titanium Level accords you a withdrawal limit of $10,000 weekly, and the Master Level comes with its own custom maximum that’s between you and the casino.